Ready to 10x Your Returns Investing in Stuff 'They' Don't Want You to Know About?

(Warning: This isn't Your Grandma's Investment Club)


I’m going to make this brief and to the point.

I value your time and honestly I’m sure you’re sick and tired of all the “dog and pony show” investment letters that drone on endlessly about nothing until they ask you for your hard earned cash.

This isn’t that – and I’m not some office borne cubicle drone trying to sell myself off as some kind of financial “guru” (more about how I got here in just a moment)

There’s just ONE thing I need you to take away from this page today, above everything else and that is -

The investing game has changed and the time to capitalize on these changes is NOW.

At no time in the past 100 years has it been easier for a smaller investor to enter the market and start to make real returns.

In 2016 Title III of the Jobs Act went into effect and it’s forever changed the rules.

For decades you had to be an “accredited investor” making over $200,000 with a net worth north of $1 million to even get a peek behind the doors at startup companies and new stock offerings…

But now even a small investor can participate, IF you know how to play the game.

And I’m about to tell you exactly how you can get started in alternative investing and why it’s the very best solution you’ll find on the planet to:


Start earning passive income NOW


Build bigger more profitable "non-traditional" portfolios


Leverage "OPA" (Other People's Assets) to make money


Control your financial future


Build enough income today to fuel a retirement that rocks

And more.

What I’m about to share with you is the basis for you to take back control of your finances and your life by capitalizing on these new alternative pathways to profit.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a frustrated small investor working full time at a “regular job” with $500 or more to invest… with no clear place to truly make a profitable investment…

Or a more seasoned investor wondering when your traditional 401K is going to kick in and help you see an actual path to retirement that doesn’t involve becoming a WalMart greeter…

The strategies I’m going to show you will work equally well if you need a short-term income infusion, or a longer term strategy designed to build truly passive income.

And I can say that with complete certainty because every single thing I’m about to show you, I personally use every single day in my investments.

My Name is Susan Lassiter-Lyons...

... and I used to be a “good old boy.”

I realize that might sound pretty odd considering I’m a woman, but let me explain a little how I found my way to income investing and why I think it’s the most powerful way to make actual gains in your investment strategy.

To be crystal clear, this isn’t any “get rich quick” scheme, forex, bitcoin, or ridiculous day trading system.

It’s simply the easiest way I know to invest your hard earned cash and, instead of barely making 2% a year (like your traditional 401K might be earning you right now), make 12% to 300.67% (or even more( using these income investment strategies.

Listen, if you’re already solvent and have a massive portfolio earning you serious cash, this probably isn’t the place for you.

But if you’re like 90% of independent investors out there then keep reading and let me give you the tools to change your life.

Like I said – I used to be a “good old boy.” I was an accredited investor meeting those rather lofty requirements I mentioned above.

It all started when I was working at Hertz.

Yes, the rental car place. Good thing for me though, while I was there and in my cushy management position I was offered stock options when the company went public.

I made a metric shit ton of cash. (Yes, that is the actual amount.)

Enough that I put a big chunk into real estate and the rest I started using to invest for income. I opened a brokerage account with Smith Barney and I began studying stocks and options.

But I wanted more, I wanted to be in on those “secret” investments – you know the ones that Warren Buffet and all those hedge fund moguls get first crack at.

Being a smaller investor at the time those doors were all completely shut to me so I started looking outside of the stock market for places to invest that would give me some higher returns.

I landed on real estate as many people do. I made a whole bunch more money in real estate, but let me tell you… it wasn’t “easy money”

Buying and flipping houses, buying and holding rentals – it takes time, it takes money and really… it was a huge pain in the ass.

I ultimately became an accredited investor and built my own private equity fund so I could phase out of actively being a real estate investor, I figured once I was “accredited” I’d be able to get the secret handshake and get in on some of those mega deals.

But I quickly learned that no matter who you are as a small time investor – (and even making over $200,000 a year with a million dollar net worth is SMALL time) you aren’t getting in the secret society.

I’m sorry to say, but it’s never going to happen.

And let me tell you, after having done ALL the work to build up my investments I was pretty disappointed in the fact that I STILL couldn’t kick the door open and get ridiculous ROI.

The “good old boys” club wasn’t all that good.

Not only that, it was damn frustrating.

Then... Everything Changed

In 2012 President Obama signed into law the JOBS Act, and with it one of the most interesting changes in investment rules and regulations in the past century or so.

Because in 2016 Title III went into effect and essentially erased the need to be an “accredited investor.”

It completely changed the way I looked at investing and opened my eyes to a brand new world. And I want to share it with you.

Did I run back to Wall Street and try to get some skin in the game?


From my time as an accredited investor I didn’t want to pedal backwards.I wanted to see what kind of new investment opportunities would open up with these new laws… and that’s when it all started falling into place.

Let me show you what I mean...

Meet Joe and John.

Joe works at a local company with “good benefits” and has a traditionally managed 401K.

Joe puts in all he can into his retirement.

His portfolio contains S&P 500 stocks and mutual funds managed by a broker.

Joe hopes that in 20 years or so he can retire and live off his investments.

Joe is hopelessly misled.

Because he’ll never make it at this rate. Here’s why – if you had invested $10,000 15 years ago in the same type of stocks Joe has in his portfolio you’d now have (adjusted for inflation) $14,100.

That’s a whopping 2.32% return on your investment. Whoop whoop!

And that doesn’t take into consideration all the FEES and broker profits they’re making off of poor Joe in the process.

(A recent University of California study revealed that even a 2% management fee can reduce your overall profits by 40-70%!)

For Joe’s sake I hope he’s got a WalMart close by.

Then there’s John.

John got tired of giving all his money away to someone else and decided to take matters into his own hands.

He’s got an IRA and a brokerage account and is making his own decisions about what to invest in.

John has a variety of different types of alternative investments ranging from penny pot stocks - to making small private loans to individuals and public companies.

Instead of shelling out most of his money on fees John is actually seeing growth of closer to 11.5% over time.

And best of all?

He’s got complete control of his own money.

The moral?

Be like John.

Let me show you how.

Introducing Investor Insights Elite

The most exclusive income investing club on the planet.

I’ve designed a comprehensive program unlike any other investment program out there.

I identify, research, and test “profit paths” that can help you generate income today and create financial freedom for the future.

What do I mean by passive income?

Passive income is when you reach the golden grail – when your monthly expenses are LESS than your passive monthly investment income is.

That, my friends is financial freedom.

In just a moment I’m going to outline exactly what you get with your exclusive membership to Investor Insights Elite, but let me get something out here first.

I get asked this all the time “Susan, why in the world would you share this information with people and not just keep it and use it for yourself?”

Fair question.

The simple answer is – I think this information can be a powerful game changer in a lot of people’s lives.

But I’m absolutely NOT sharing it with just anyone.

If you’re on this page you’ve gotten yourself into the unique position to join me and become one of only 500 people who will enter this Elite Membership.

So yeah, I’m not really “sharing it with everyone” nor will I in the future.

But I DO want to create a vibrant, passionate community of investors who are working together to create consistent income and financial freedom.

If that sounds like you – let’s take a look at the “secret sauce.”

Here's Just a Sample of What We've Accomplished From Our Investment Model

  • Cash flow from other people's property investments between 9% – 27.5%.
  • 179% – 300% returns from microcap (penny) stocks.
  • An average of $700 a month in income making small, simple stock option trades once or twice a month.
  • 9.6% investing in public company debt.
  • 7.5% – 20% on private loans and notes on peer to peer lending platforms.
  • 14% to 3x on angel investments in private start-up companies.
  • That’s What You’ll Learn Inside Investor Insights Elite

    These are the exact strategies that I personally use in my own investing and where I’ve been able to make the best gains over time.

    If you look over that list you’ll see a couple things that run throughout…

    1) ​We have a very diverse portfolio


    2) I’m going to make it super simple to do.


    When you join Investor Insights Elite today, Here's What You’ll Get

    Implementation Plans

    This is the education and training component of our income investing model. These are immediately actionable trainings on all of my strategies and tactics. Join today and get started as soon as tomorrow with these easy to launch action plans. New plans are added every single month and updated as necessary to keep on top of things.

    Investor Insights Income Portfolio

    Here at Elite, we practice what we preach. I post monthly performance reports to show the results we're getting.

    Strategy Guides

    These are your “getting started” point – download the guides for many alternative investing categories – real estate, stock, crowdfunding, and private lending. Download and save them to have easy access when and where you need it.

    Investor Toolbox

    This is my definitive set of tools, apps and other resources for the independent investor. I’ve researched long and hard to find the very best tools to allow you to make the right decisions every time. The toolbox gets updated on a regular basis.

    Live Coaching With Susan

    This is where the rubber meets the road. Every Thursday I’ll go LIVE to give you the low down. I’ll start off the calls with announcements, what’s trending, what you need to be concerned about. We’ll do live mini-trainings to make sure your skills are honed and sharp – and I’ll answer all your most important questions live and in person. (This alone is well worth the membership cost.. more on that in a minute!) Don’t worry if you can’t make a call – I record them all and you can watch them in…

    The Elite ENGAGE Facebook Group

    This is your new home for all things income investing related. This private members-only group is filled with like minded investors all working for the same goals as you are. Ask questions, make new friends and alliances with other Elite members.

    So there you have it. The Investor Insights Elite.

    And right now is your chance to be one of the lucky 500 people who get to join me on the inside.

    You’re probably wondering at this point… “sure Susan, this all sounds great… but what’s it going to cost me?”

    My question is this...

     What is all this worth to you?

    Is it worth the peace of mind that you’ll have knowing you can take your family on that much needed vacation you’ve been thinking of for years?

    Is it worth the assurance that you’re making the right kinds of decisions in your investment strategy so you’re almost invincible to market volatility and fluctuation?

    Is it worth knowing you’ve not only covered your short term income needs, but also your income needs far into the future?

    What price tag would you put on that?

    But I’ll go one further…

    How much have you “invested” over the course of time in “gurus” promising INSTANT returns and ZERO risk?

    In failed investments?

    In your hard earned time and money?



    $50,000 or more?

    When I was flipping houses dripping dripping with sweat and wondering where I was going to find the “next deal” I knew there had to be a better way to make a profit.

    And I’ve spent countless hours developing a very specific system to help people just like you discover the amazing world of income investing.

    But I’m not going to charge you $50k to get access to my knowledge, although I probably could.

    I won’t come even come close to the $5k mark.

    If you’re still with me I know this has resonated with you and you’re just as fed up as I was with the “status quo” and traditional investing and you’re ready to take action.

    You’re ready to take back control of your financial future and not leave it in the hands of greedy hedge fund managers only out to line their own pockets leaving you with just the spare change.

    You’re ready to become one of the Elite.

    And right now you can join me and get everything I’ve outlined above for just $39.95 a month.

    That’s right. Less than 40 bucks. That’s only $479.40 for a full year.

    It’s an incredible value when you think about it – for less than $500 you’ll get everything -

    • The Implementation Plans

    • Monthly Investor Insights Income Portfolio Performance Reports

    • Strategy Guides

    • Your Investor Toolbox

    • Live Coaching with Susan

    • The Elite ENGAGE Facebook Group

    You’ll get everything you need to begin investing for income TODAY.

    And I’ll be right there with you to help you course correct, use new strategies, and find exciting new investments along the way.

    But I’m going to make this an absolute and unquestionable no-brainer for you right now.

    When you make the decision to take control of your own financial future and join me today becoming one of the first 500 members of Investor Insights Elite, I’ll make you a very special and very limited offer.

    I’ll give you a FULL year for just $399.00 total. (That’s 2 full payments off if you choose to pay in one payment!)

    I know this option might not be for everyone, and if you’d rather pay month by month that’s fine by me, but this special offer is ONLY good while we’re open for new enrollment.

    Keep in mind one other thing… I’m letting 500 people in.

    500 people ready to make a change, and I know these spots are going to go FAST. When they’re gone – I’ll close down the membership until someone leaves and a spot opens up.

    But that’s not going to happen often. Once these lucky pioneers get in the door and realize the true potential of the income investing world, I suspect they’ll be there to stay.

    Investor Insights Elite isn’t some “ordinary” dreary financial newsletter dropped at your door or in your e-mail box to sit and rot… it’s a dynamic community driven by the passion to grow great personal wealth and be the masters of our own fate.

    If that sounds like something you need in your life right NOW – all you have to do is click the button below to get started.

    Start Today! Choose Your Plan:


    Easy Monthly Payments Billed to Your Credit Card

    Everything in Investor Insights Elite plus...

    • Cancel anytime.
    • No long term contracts.

    $39.95 / month


    Easy Annual Payment Billed to Your Credit Card

    Everything in Investor Insights Elite plus...

    • Two months FREE!
    • No long term contracts.

    $399 / year

    What People Are Saying About Investor Insights Elite...

    Susan Lassiter-Lyons often catches something special about investing that her mortal followers don't. She's enlightened me on a number of things over the years.

    Daniel Ng
    Elite Member

    Susan offers hands down the most amazing value for money making information on the market. I've purchased 3 of her programs and could not have been happier. But the valuable information that she provides won't just manifest into your personal investing success - you have to commit to action. If you can't honestly say to yourself that you are ready to be scared as hell about doing something totally new, then do yourself a favor and don't join. Keep up the great work, Susan!

    Christian Phillips
    Elite Member

    Susan is so informative and helpful. She's trustworthy and tells it like it is, without sugar coating. It's refreshing to get investing info from someone you actually trust!

    Jesse Erickson
    Elite Member

    Thanks very much for all of your info/teaching and exhaustive research on behalf of all of us in Elite. I am very grateful to you. And so is my portfolio!

    Mike Goodman
    Elite Member

    Wow. Your Implementation Plan on selling covered calls just added an extra $600 to my MONTHLY income. I can't believe this is legal.

    Sharon Phipps
    Elite Member

    Susan, you consistently over-deliver timely, targeted, concise, value-add content for investors of all classes and knowledge levels. As a long-term student I have observed the exceptional quality of your deliverables - ranging from blog posts, webinars, videos, and systems - all with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity always with the best interests of your students in mind. You have succeeded in raising the bar to a standard that is far out of reach of your competitors. Keep up the GREAT work - we need you!

    Andrew Marshall
    Elite Member

    Here Are My Final Thoughts...

    I can’t guarantee by joining Investor Insights Elite that you’ll immediately start making 12%, 25%, 300% or more on your investments right out of the gate. Just like any investment there’s always fluctuations, ups, downs… wins and losses.

    But here’s what I CAN guarantee - if you DON’T join Investor Insights Elite and stick with “traditional” investment opportunities you’ll never see returns like that.

    And if you decide it’s not for you… you can cancel at any time.

    Join me now and I’ll show you what’s really possible on the other side.

    Remember (and I can’t stress this enough) once I fill 500 spots – I’ll close the doors so I can give Elite members the kind of personal attention they need to truly achieve their goals.

    Be one of them, won’t you?

    Talk soon,